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church upholstery

Church Furniture

McKeon Upholstery provides churches and places of worship with respectful re-upholstery services. We are available to clients all over the greater Dublin area.
Churches that want to increase the comfort of their congregation are deciding to upholster their formerly hard, wooden seating with soft fabric and cushioning.
Our team of upholstery experts are available to work closely with the church in selecting the right material to complement the interior aesthetic of the church; whilst offering worshipers a comfortable place to sit and a comfortable place to kneel.

To discuss the restoration requirements of your antique furniture, get in contact with
McKeon Upholstery today.

To discuss the upholstery requirements of your business, get in contact with McKeon Upholstery today.

Altar Re-Upholstering

We provide clients with a respectful altar re-upholstery service that respectfully updates and revitalise altar furniture. We work closely with the client to ensure that the ambience of the altar and the church are retained.
Along with the altar upholstery, we provide complete:

Bench Upholstery

Altar Upholstery

Kneeling Re-Upholstery

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